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Emerging Technologies Law explores and analyzes the legal, business and social issues facing the development, adoption and monetization of key emerging technologies.


About William Ting..

Admitted in the State Bar of California in 1998, William is skilled in applying his legal knowledge & experience with an entrepreneurial mindset to help high-performing global emerging technology companies, external asset and fund managers develop, protect, adapt and monetize commercial opportunities with high integrity and sound risk management.

Sought after speaker & thought leader on digital assets, AI and privacy.

Multi-disciplinary Business & Legal Skills: Wealth of experience in the business-friendly application of U.S. intellectual property monetization, trade secrets, capital raising, securities, corporate finance, M&A, CFIUS, export control, data privacy, cybersecurity, corporate legal, administrative, compliance, venture capital, private equity & wealth management law & practice on 21st century emerging technology issues to guide & lead C-suite management, ultra high net worth individuals, cross-border business and legal teams to achieve business & legal objectives in 21st century growth sectors (medical, natural resources, digital assets, industrial IOT, and 5G).

Proven International Leadership Experience: Co-lead corporate legal department at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. (NYSE listed-Fortune 50 company with market cap at US$218 Billion+ in 2018) since 2004. Advisor to Owlting world’s first blockchain company approved to list on NASDAQ in 2020. Former general counsel to Kuan Capital Ltd., premier Shanghai-based venture capital & private equity firm. Former chief commercial officer of Xen Technologies Pte Ltd, a Singapore digital assets firm. Former general counsel to BitMEX the world’s largest digital assets trading platform.  

Demonstrated Team & Thought Leadership: Experienced leader who empowers & guides business & legal team-members via support, clarity of objectives, wisdom & encouragement. Public speaker & author on emerging tech.

Influencing C-Suite Management, Ultra High Net Worth, Founders & US SEC: Advice sought after by publicly listed company independent auditors, board members, board audit committee, C-suite management, ultra high net worth investors, chairmen of regional venture capital & private equity funds, emerging technology start-up founders, Wall Street law firms head of global fintech & derivatives and US SEC (my comment letter cited over 12 times).

Advocacy: William advocates strategic policies on data management which encompasses fintech intellectual property issues, fintech patent portfolio management, patents & trade secret litigations, trade secrets protection, IP licensing, blockchain initiatives, digital assets, virtual fiat currencies, IoT, AI, AR, robotics, cloud computing, big data, cybersecurity and data privacy.

Social Responsibility: Believing in giving back to society, William is active in several non-profit projects. He served as a chairperson for the Hong Kong chapter of International Association of Privacy Professionals which is the world's largest information privacy organization. He also was a member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce based in Washington D.C. which is the world's leading trade association representing the digital asset and blockchain industry.  He served on the Chamber's Blockchain Intellectual Property Council in drafting legal memos on protecting open-sourced coding and fintech related inventions under U.S. patent law and the eligibility of fintech inventions for patent protection under current case law on software inventions. He participated in the "Smart Contracts" and "Token Alliance” committees of the Chamber.

He also serves as volunteer pro bono director of emerging technologies for a global NGO which is a Permanent Observer to the United Nations' World Intellectual Property Organization with chapters in Silicon Valley, Washington DC, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei and Hong Kong. 

Personal: William is a graduate of Cornell University (B.A. 1991) and Loyola Law School (J.D. 1998). He was admitted in the State Bar of California in 1998. William is also advisor to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the world's largest semiconductor foundry and co-founder of W&E Networks, a management consultancy incorporated in Wyoming, USA.He is married to Elyssa Davis.


Gizmo, the blog's official mascot! (family's picture)

Gizmo, the blog's official mascot! (family's picture)

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